Friday, February 19, 2010

Grandmas don't swim

A few weeks ago we had a break in our unusually cold weather and enjoyed a few days of sunshine and warm temperatures. Spencer thought it might be warm enough to go swimming and asked me if I could take him and Andrew to the pool. I had to tell him that it wasn't nearly warm enough for the pool to be open and even if it was, I couldn't take them since I don't have a swimsuit. Andrew felt that the conversation needed an interjection of his wisdom and told Spencer that grandmas and grandpas don't go swimming! However, he then remembered that when he was 14 and I was a little girl, he bought me 2 swimsuits (one with turtles and one with dinosaurs) and took me swimming. I bet those swimsuits wouldn't fit me now!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Football and cheerleaders

Today's story is short and sweet. Andrew was talking about playing football today and then told me that when he was big and played football, his sister Heidi and I where cheerleaders at his game, and his mom was there to clap for him. Every boy should have a grandma and a sister to cheer for him, and a mom to clap when he scores!

Promises of snow

I have another snow story today. The first one was prompted by reports that we would get snow on Friday of last week, so the boys were excited about the possibility of a snowball fight. Spencer asked me if I would keep some of his snowballs in my freezer to be used in future snowball fights. Andrew had some original ideas for his snowballs - he decided that his snowballs would be triangular and rectangular in shape, and that he would aim for my and his mom's butt! As is turned out, there was no snow so they didn't get to have that snowball fight they wanted.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Snowball fights

I'm not sure what prompted this story, since we typically don't see a lot of snow, but the other day Andrew recalled a time when he had a snowball fight with mom and his big brother Spencer. He told me that he was 7 years old and Spencer was 8, while mom was 14 (makes mom awfully young to have had kids!). Anyway, apparently Andrew and mom teamed up against Spencer, since Spencer was so good at throwing snowballs. But Andrew ducked behind a tree and Spencer's snowball hit the tree instead of Andrew. Good tactic, Andrew!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Last week Andrew saw a little girl riding a scooter on the sidewalk, so of course his first response on seeing her was: "Omi, can you buy me a scooter?" After I told him that I would (it's easier to go along rather than get into an argument about why I won't buy him certain things, since he automatically asks that questions about just about any toy advertised on TV and I would be involved in endless discussions otherwise!), he launched into a story about a time when he had a scooter: "I asked mom how to get to your house, and then I got on my scooter and mom was a baby so she got on my scooter and we turned left and left to get to your house to get mom's favorite ball from your house (no mention of helmets!). Then mom wanted to be in front (the front part of the scooter), but I told her it wasn't safe (he gets points for being safety-minded, but his solution sounds even worse!) so I got a chair for her to sit on in the back (of the scooter). Then we went back home. What a nice little adventure.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Spending time together on a roller coaster

Here's a new story, short and sweet. Sometimes Andrew likes to "recall" a time when he and I were babies (how come I don't remember that?), so the other day he said: "Remember when you and I were babies? We went on a roller coaster together (what, no adult supervision? This must have been a time with really weak child protection laws!). But apparently a good time was had by all, because he said I screamed very loudly (or maybe I was scared, I was only a baby, after all!) and put my hands up in the air. I can only hope that we were both buckled in for the ride.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Prairie dog in the clouds and what to feed a baby

Mom and Andrew were spending time at home when Andrew came up with another recollection of a previous life. He told his mom: "When I was a prairie dog for one day, I went up into the clouds, and then came back down again, and then I wasn't a prairie dog any more. Then he launched into a story of when his mom was a baby and he was taking care of her (obviously mom has a previous life as well, even though she doesn't seem to recall any of it). He said: "Do you remember when you were a baby for one day and I was taking care of you and I was giving you baby food? Mom asked: "Oh yeah, what were you feeding me?" He said: " I was feeding you your favorite food, milk". Mom then asked if that was all he was feeding her. He said: "No, I also fed you carrots, green beans, bananas and broccoli. Oh, wait, no, I didn't give you broccoli, babies don't eat broccoli, do they (Andrew doesn't like broccoli)? I fed you and you ate everything; do you remember that?" End of story.